Based on my experience as a customer of Mittal Builders I am satisfied that I have made an excellent investment decision.

" Harmit Kalra "
Magnasoft Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.

We are extremely happy with all the process from the day of signing the contract for purchase till the last day of handover. My experience with Mittals quite interesting & impressive.

" Raja Mehta "
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In accordance with RBI guidelines banks announced their base rates effective from July 1. These base rates will be their benchmark rates to determine interest on floating rate home loans. Base rates are fixed for three months and can be changed after September. Borrowers can approach their banks to have their benchmark rates changed to the base rate from the prime lending rate.

Policy rate hikes aimed at containing inflation and creating conditions conductive to growth. Such initiatives have a bearing on returns from investments and homebuyers need to track them. Planning finance and investments will help a borrower repay the home loan comfortably. Growth in GDP translates to expansions and new business ventures, leading to more demand for property.

As expected, the RBI raised the key policy rates. The rates have been raised more than analysts’ expectations in order to control inflation. The inflation rate has remained over 10 percent since the past five months. The RBI said it will continue to move the monetary policy in line with growth and inflation rates in the economy. The move is aimed at raising the cost of funds for banks and tempering demand for loans, and in turn consumer spending.

The stretch of the area from the Hebbal Flyover upto Devanahalli is abuzz with plans for many commercial projects. The region around the International Airport has huge potential for development. The recent Global Investors’ Meet, brought this area into focus. The widening of the Bellary Road and future connectivity through the planned Peripheral Ring Road (PRR) has also made this area a sought-after one. The availability of land parcels for commercial development is one of the main factors driving development in this location. This is also spurring interest in residential options around these areas.

Improved connectivity and transport, availability of large land parcels, development of social infrastructure, and industrial and commercial development has fuelled the demand for varied options in residential and office spaces in North Bangalore. The entry of more global industrial organizations into the city has created employment and given rise to more demand for residential accommodation in the vicinity of these industries.

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