Based on my experience as a customer of Mittal Builders I am satisfied that I have made an excellent investment decision.

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HOME LOAN: Time to shift to base rate.

In accordance with RBI guidelines banks announced their base rates effective from 1st of July

  • Walsingham House School (ICSE), Mumbai

  • Kamaladevi Gauridutt Mittal Ayurvedic College, Mumbai
  • Gauridutt Mittal High School & Junior College, Mumbai
  • Kamaladevi Gauridutt Mittal College, Mumbai
  • Kamaladevi Gauridutt Mittal Girls College, Rajasthan

  • Kamaladevi Gauridutt Mittal Ayurvedic Hospital, Mumbai
  • Gauridutt Dhadharia (Mittal) Eye and Dental Hospital, Rajasthan
  • Mittal Charities
  • Bhagwati Charitable Trust

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